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Image of Meet Porcine.

Image of Ahab.Ahab – Finding yourself on the “dead pile” of a Canadian slaughterhouse is not the best start in life. Fortunately, now that this very social boy is at CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm, his only concern is whether to first take a nap or a mud bath before feasting on fruit, bread, vegetables, grain and juice.

Image of ArgusArgus – Like his Canadian companion, Ahab, this sweet pig’s first memories are not all that pleasant. Due to the help of some caring folks up North, he now enjoys plenty of shade trees to nap beneath, daily back rubs from our volunteers, and an abundance of special treats.

Image of Brooke.Brooke – Rescued from the catastrophic Iowa flooding in June 2008, this special hog (note her blue watch eye) was delivered to us from Farm Sanctuary in November 2008. Originally confined to a pen so small she couldn’t move, she now enjoys exploring her acre-plus pasture.

Image of Photo waiting for approval from this animals agent.Charo – Life as a gestation sow in a factory farm…couldn’t get worse, right? Unfortunately for this Yorkshire/Landrace porcine, it was about to as her Oakville, Iowa farm (along with every other farm) was destroyed and she had to avoid drowning and shootings, only to suffer pneumonia, severe sunburn, and starvation. Despite this rough start, Charo’s story has a happy ending now that she has found a home (with love, food, and shade) here at CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm.

Image of Maria.Maria – Surviving tremendous odds as one of less than a hundred hogs (out of thousands) to escape the Iowa floods, this boss hog knows she’s got a great situation. Just don’t expect her to show her appreciation as she’s usually in a sour mood. That’s okay…we know she likes us!

Image of Suzie.Suzie – This “fugitive” piglet first caught our attention when her story made the papers. She’d eluded police in the Panhandle for two weeks before, out of frustration, they set a hunting dog after her, cornered her, then tased her. A public outcry ensured she was donated to CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm, where now she spends her days napping, eating, and regaling her days on the lam.

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Image of AuroraAurora – Saved from certain death in Northeast Florida, Aurora has never met a stranger and jumps up to greet visitors as they approach her pasture. This spotted cutie also loves watermelon and strawberries and will bat her long eyelashes for any type of fresh fruit!

Image of Geraldine.Geraldine – Sister to Aurora, this outgoing Gloucestershire Old Spot loves belly rubs and will instantly flop over the second a new friend starts massaging her. As ewe can see, pumpkin is a personal favorite but just about any fruit or vegetable will make her sing with joy!

“I am very proud to be called a pig. It stands for pride, integrity and guts.”
~ Ronald Reagan