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Image of Meet Caprine.

Image of Athena.Athena -At less than six-months-old, this sweet girl was scheduled to become someone’s Easter dinner. This broke the heart of an animal lover who purchased her…but then realized she couldn’t keep her. After searching for some time, she found us and Athena’s life is now filled with afternoon naps, special treats, and (most importantly) plenty of love.

Image of Photo waiting for approval from this animals agent.Pan -At two-years of age, this kind boy (along with brother Puck) was about to become homeless…or worse. His caretakers were moving and could not bring him along. Without any offers, he would be heading to a livestock auction. Fortunately, information on our sanctuary was discovered and we were quickly contacted. With such a cute face and a kind heart, how could we say no?

Image of Photo waiting for approval from this animals agent.Puck -As with his brother (Pan), this sweet goat was in desperate need of a home. His owners were relocating and could not take him. His options looked pretty grim until his caretakers found us. Now, his days are filled with friends and good food…which he immediately follows up with a strict “flossing” regiment on the fence line. It’s kinda hard to explain…ewe definitely need to meet him and watch his oral hygiene practices.

“G stands for goat and also for genius.”
~ Kenneth Rexroth