Image of CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm Header.

Meet Feathered Friends.

Image of Ava.Ava – One of our “special needs” animals, this Transylvania Naked Neck – Silkie Bantam cross is blind. Don’t feel too bad for her though…as a volunteer-favorite, she’s constantly being spoiled with love and treats!

Image of Cecil.Cecil – Shhh…don’t tell him he’s a mallard as he’s spent his entire life with the chickens. Brought to our doorstep on a freezing night when only two days old, he’s our illegal immigrant.

Image of Chuck.Chuck – Surviving two coyote attacks, his sense of humor stayed intact…he’s a real clown!

Image of Estaban.Estaban – Heading to a ‘finishing plant’ in North Carolina, things didn’t look too good for Esteban. But when the transport truck took a turn to fast and crashed, he found his way to freedom. After some rehabilitation, he is now a very-vocal member of the farm.

Image of Joseph.Joseph – A survivor of a transport truck accident near Charlotte, North Carolina, Joseph walks with a limp (due to injuries sustained in the crash) but still hobbles to get a treat or some affection from our visitors.

Image of Sam.Sam – Everyone thought Sam was “Samantha” until he started crowing (loudly) in an area not zoned for chickens. No worries, this Transylvania Naked-Neck cutie found he could be as loud as he wants now at our sanctuary.

Image of Thomas.Thomas – Showing up to our sanctuary just four days before Thanksgiving, this smart domestic turkey is working hard to add visitors to his flock. Don’t be surprised if he tries to woo you the next time you’re at the farm!

Image of the Girls.The Girls – Split in their loyalties between Chef’s flock and Cook’s gang, this group of girls is the only animals on the farm that actually produce something (other than smiles)…eggs!

Image of Veronica.Veronica – Bring out a bag of lettuce and this big white fluff-ball will think you’re just ducky!

“We can see a thousand miracles around us every day. What is more supernatural than an egg yolk turning into a chicken?.”
~ S. Parkes Cadman