Image of CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm Header.

Image of Meet Feline.

Image of Farrah.Farrah – Found near a busy highway in Fleming Island, this resourceful, female alley cat is the perfect huntress for a 4,500 square foot barn. She’ll tolerate a quick hug but she’d rather be pouncing on a mouse or a mole!

Image of Photo waiting for approval from this animals agent.Fred – This debonair, tuxedo-clad, feline deserve better than the streets of Jacksonville and Board of Director, Sharyn Going recognized it. After capturing and treating this shy male, she donated him to CJ Acres in December 2007.

Image of Ginger.Ginger – We’re convinced Ginger doesn’t know she’s a cat. She rarely interacts with the other felines and we’ve never seen her catch a mouse. We’re pretty sure she thinks she’s a goat as you’ll always find her hanging out in their area (she’s especially fond of Kitty!).

Image of Potatoes.Potatoes – Feral cats…loners, scrappy, unsocial creatures, right? Meet Angel…the cuddliest, spoiled barn cat you’ll ever lay eyes on. The streets of Jacksonville weren’t the right fit for this loving male and Libby, Board of Director Sharyn Going’s coworker, knew it. He arrived in July 2006 and hasn’t missed a meal – or a snuggle – since.

“Cats are magical…the more you pet them the longer you both live.”
~ Anonymous